THE 5W's of Wine Tasting Planning: The WHAT

An invitation to a rare tasting! These wines are from Texas wineries that were all closed by the end of the 20th century.


Once you speak that life changing phrase, "sure I'll do a wine tasting," how will you choose the wines to serve? This is perhaps the most challenging -- and fun -- part of planning the tasting.

That Texas thing!
Is everyone at the tasting from Texas? If so, do they like wine, or even know that Texas produces wine? If your group doesn't know that Texas produces some world class wines, this is you chance to educate them.

Beyond that, provide your guests with a cross-section of wines, regardless of the origination. Unless you're dealing with a small group of friends who prefer a certain group of wines, variety is important to the tasting experience. The dramatic constrast between the colors, aromas and tastes of white wines versus red wines is perhaps no more accentuated than in a wine tasting.

As the host it's your responsibility to set the wine agenda whether you are providing the wines or asking your guests to bring their favorites.

You can select great vintage years, wine making regions, birthdays, divorce years, superbowl years, or just focus on winery's or grape varietals.