Deglazing (in French, deglacer), is using wine to dissolve food or caramelized remains left in a pan after an item is roasted or sauteed. Depending on the type of sauce you're planning to make, skim off the excess fat before adding the wine.

In order to deglaze with wine, it is necessary to pour a small quantity of the wine into a hot pan with the food particles and caramelized drippings. After the pan is deglazed with wine and it is sufficiently reduced, the liquid is then added to stock, bouillon or fumet. This produces a sauce that can then be seasoned correctly for the foods being served. It's important that enough wine is used to cover the entire bottom of the pan in order to capture all the essence that has been left.

Deglazing is an integral part of producing a rich and flavourful sauce that highly complements many different foods. As with other wine-based cooking, only wines that are suitable for drinking should be used in order to create a savoury and exciting meal.