Champagne and Meals

What meals are traditional with this fine sparkling wine?

Lobster with olive oil, grilled spiny lobster. Lobster is a great pairing for Champagne!

I am a huge scallop fan, and these go quite nicely with Champagne. A light dish with olive oil and ginger would be perfect.

Shrimp in any style - grilled, raw, steamed. Shrimp goes wonderfully with the light bubbly Champagne.

If you can serve mushrooms as a dish, or add mushrooms to any of the dishes you are making, they are exceptional with most Champagnes.

If you're a sushi fan, and can make an entire meal of sushi, then Champagne is the perfect pairing for you. It goes exceptionally well with sushi, and can make even a normal meal into a celebration.

Light Chicken
If seafood doesn't appeal to you, take heart. Champagne also goes well with light chicken dishes. Use some olive oil, but stay away from the lemon or vinegar.