Champagne and Appetizers

What appetizers are traditional with this fine sparkling wine?

Fois Gras
Yes, liver. Champagne is traditionally paired with duck or goose liver. The soft, smooth texture of the fois gras pairs nicely with the gentle bubbles and delicate flavor of Champagne.

Raw Oysters
Avoid the lemon or vinegar when you're serving these with Champagne.

Raw Shrimp
A raw shrimp appetizer is a perfect pairing with Champagne. Just avoid that heavy red sauce.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Mushrooms and Champagne are a great pairing, so any sort of appetizer you can create using mushrooms will go quite nicely.

I love sushi, and Champagne goes perfectly with it. At your next party, put out some sushi appetizers with the Champagne and watch the smiles begin!